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About RLB Library Outreach and Community Engagement Exhibits

RLB Library Outreach and Community Engagement Exhibits highlight the public outreach and campus engagement activities, partnerships, and projects of the University of Baltimore Robert L. Bogomolny Library. Each digital exhibit or collection includes a description of the project, as well as credits to guest curators and co-creators, and links to additional sources.

Rights and Permissions

The University of Baltimore RLB Library makes digital exhibits available online for educational and research use. Materials are selected for online access under the following circumstances: the rights are owned by the University; the material is in the public domain; the Library has permission to provide access; there are no known restrictions on use; or the material is made available for educational and research purposes under an assertion of legal fair use.

The digital materials on this site may be quoted or reproduced for personal research and educational purposes without prior permission, provided appropriate credit is given. When crediting the use of portions from this site or materials within, please use the credit line: "Used with permission of the University of Baltimore RLB Library." The permission of any rights holders may be required for non-research or non-education related uses beyond what is allowed by fair use. It is the responsibility of the user to secure any appropriate permissions.

Contesting Online Content

If you own copyright to materials and feel you have not been properly identified, we ask that you immediately contact the Library to help us update our records and online holdings. Online material contested by records creators or other rights holders will be removed from the digital collections and digital exhibits of the RLB Library until any rights issue is reviewed and addressed.

Please direct all inquiries to: library@ubalt.edu